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Our farm

Freshly mowed meadows, colorful flowers, haystacks, grazing cattle, fruit trees, fragrant herb gardens... The heritage of our fathers - the farms - has given the Zillertal its own unique character and made it a natural jewel. Whether wood-paneled farmhouses, old stables, beautiful fences, or rustic bridges, you can see the traces of our ancestors everywhere!

A well-maintained landscape is not only beautiful to the eye, but it is also an important living space for people and animals. Every local and guest values nature and water fresh from the spring as well as the advantages of beautiful hiking paths, perfect ski runs, and the excellent infrastructure down into the deepest of valleys.

A farmer's work is not something that can be measured in hours - it is a love for nature and a love for animals, which provide the best reward.

Here at Hotel Persal, we love the aroma of freshly mowed grass, the sound of the bells on our cows, the zealous clucking of our hens, working in the fields, and working with animals. 

And the best thing: we are able to pamper you, our guests, with fresh, natural products from our own farm: milk, butter, yogurt, cheese, & cream... An authentic piece of Tyrol. Genuinely good, genuinely Hotel Persal. 

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